Our Pastors

There is nothing more inspiring than a person in love. Just looking at them you can’t help but think, “I want to feel like that!” When we go to movies, read books, choose tv shows – how often are we captivated by a story because it inspires us to want more? It drives us to pursue dreams when we’ve seen them realized for someone else. We are moved to compassion and action when we see heroes step up. And don’t we always long for connection when we see people who are truly in love?

As a church, there is nothing that inspires us more than what Jesus has done in our lives. We are moved with love for the city of Tampa because of the insane love we were shown by Jesus. While struggling with fear, insecurity, and loss, we found hope & freedom simply through a relationship with Jesus. Love like that changes everything. Hope changes everything. It can bring light to any situation and rewrite any story. It is our individual stories of hope that ignited a passion that we now can’t help but share with the city we love.

It is the heart of Locale Church to partner with God and create a place where this hope can easily be found. Our vision is that Locale Church will be a place that feels like home, where people can come to find true friendship and meet a truly good God. We pray it will be a house that inspires people to not only want more of God, but to discover that He has so much more FOR them! Because once we realize that the plans he has for us are actually good, then we can grow in the God given passions and dreams placed inside us.

John 13:35 records Jesus saying “By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you have love and unselfish concern for one another.”
This is the church Pastors Ryan & Adrienne Miller hope to build. For 10 years, they have helped people experience the love of Jesus in their hometown of Clearwater, FL. Now, a new journey begins. You’re invited to join this incredible dream to BRING HOPE LOCAL.