Our Vision and Values

The mission of Locale Church is simple:

to bring the hope of Jesus local to all people

We do this by helping people experience God, make friends, find purpose and dream big.


Jesus is our Hope

Our hope is real, our hope has a name and that name is Jesus. We clear the way so people can become best friends with Jesus. We are a stepping stool so people can meet Jesus. Everything we do points people to Him. He is the head of our table.

People are our Heart

We include, we empower, and we love relentlessly. We learn names and learn stories. We remember who walks through our doors. We give people a place and a chance. God is passionate about His people and so are we. We make room because there is always room.

Friendship is what we do

We model what it looks like to be a great friend. We create an atmosphere where friendship can happen easily. You’re always invited to this space. We’re always approachable. It’s clear and lifelong. We want you to become best friends with Jesus. We saved you a seat.

Generosity is our Privilege

We go above and beyond. We can’t afford not to be generous. We are establishing a legacy that’s bigger than ourselves and that outlives us. When we give, we grow. Our table provides for those without.

Fun is in our DNA

We throw the best parties. We celebrate. What’s celebrated gets repeated. We believe God is as happy as He is holy. None of this matters if we aren’t enjoying what we do. For us, you belong even before you may believe. We smile. We laugh. We love life.

Teamwork is how we do it

We are all in. Never too busy to lend a hand. Our teams support our dreams. Every role is different but they are all important. If you aren’t helping you’re not helping. We need you and you need us. Church is not a thing we do, it’s a part of who we are. Together we’re all in.

Honor is our Posture

We respect and we trust each other. We have your back. When we think good things we say them out loud. We going to magnify the God-given identity of others. The greatest way we show honor is through serving. We hold doors and sweep floors.

Excellence is our Standard

Our best is not a product; it’s worship. We will never settle for average when awesome is available. Every detail deserves enthusiasm, passion and excellence. We will always do our very best with what we have. We make it easy to experience God.

Dreaming Drives Us

We are committed to what could be. If we are not moving forward we are dying. We look for a better way and see what is possible. We live in the what if not the what is. It’s about inspiration and innovation.

Our City is our Responsibility

We make Jesus famous in our city. He’s accessible to everyone. It’s ok to be open here, It’s ok to ask questions, It’s ok to think freely here. Simply come as you are. We love our city. We love its people. For our neighborhood. For our city. For each other.